When are you available to take care of my pet?

We are available 7 days a week, including holidays, and will visit your pet at any time of the day or night. For safety purposes, we will not walk your dog "after dark". "After dark" can usually be considered to be one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise.

Do you visit pets in their own home or do you bring them to your home/business location?

We come to your home to care for your pets. At this time, we do not provide boarding services.

Will you stay at my home overnight to care for my pet?

Absolutely. Availability for this service is limited during our start up phase, so advance notice is appreciated. Contact us to discuss your needs. Our furry family members who are really young, really old, sick or injured or suffer from anxiety often need extra care, and we definitely want to make sure their needs are met.

Do you require that my pets have their vaccinations?

Many petsitters require clients to complete and document certain vaccinations and flea treatments. However, laws and medical research change constantly with regard to both. We believe those choices are up to you, especially if your pets remain inside. We will ask you to fill out a document listing vaccinations/flea and heart worm treatments so that we have that information. The information may be necessary if we have to take your pet to a veterinarian or if your pet has an interaction with another animal/person. The Code of Alabama, Title 3, Section 3-7A-2 specifies immunizations required by state law.

What happens if my pet becomes ill or is injured while I am away?

We will collect necessary information from you in advance that will help with the decision making process. This information includes pet health information, emergency contact information for you and other family or friends authorized to make decisions on your behalf, the name and contact information for your vet, the amount of money you authorize to be spent on vet care when you are out of contact. We recommend updating this information regularly and even leaving visit-specific information for us. If we believe your pet needs vet care, we will first attempt to contact you, then your vet, then your emergency contacts. If completely unsuccessful with all contacts and we believe the situation is critical, we will transport your pet to our vet at Canal Road Animal Hospital (www.canalroadanimalhospital.com).

What happens if you experience an emergency and can not visit my pet(s)?

Taking care of your pet(s) is one of our top priority. As a retired NOAA Hurricane Hunter pilot, our company owner is paying attention to weather forecasts for our area, especially during the tropical storm season. Prior to your departure during the season, we will address concerns and requirements related to sheltering-in-place and evacuating your pets. Obtaining and updating emergency contact information will be considered critical. Essentially, we will help create a hurricane response plan when and if the need arises.

I'd like to have a neighbor/friend visit my pets during my absence, as well. Is that okay?

If this is something you plan to do, let's just discuss the situation prior to your departure so that we are all on the same page?

I will have contractors/workers in my home during my absense. Is that okay?

Please contact us to discuss the situation.

How are service appointments confirmed?

When we receive your request by phone (direct contact or voice mail) or by email, we will respond with an email confirmation and invoice within 36 hours. We will confirm one more time the day prior to your scheduled departure. You are also welcome to call or email at any time.

Do you confirm that I have returned home to resume care of my pets?

Absolutely. We ask that you send us a text message, email or call when you have returned home. If we do not hear from you, we will reach out to you to make sure you are home. If contact is not made with you within a pre-designated time period, we will continue to visit your home to care for your pet.

How and when do I pay you?

Right now, we can only accept cash or checks. It is our intention to be capable of accepting PayPal and credit cards in the near future. Unless an alternate payment plan is arranged, payment for a service period is due prior to or at the very first visit. You can just leave the cash or check in a designated place in your home.

How do you get into my home?

First, if you live in a gated community or monitored condo community, we will ask that you complete paperwork authorizing access to your community. For access to your home or individual unit, we want to make sure to find a way to have absolute & definite access to your key. We have three ways that we are comfortable with: 1) issue us a key that we will keep in a secure place, 2) secure your key in a realtor lock box on your front door and provide us the lock box code and 3) let us pick up a key prior to each service request and drop it back off afterwards. For the lockbox, we recommend the MasterLock 5400, which can be purchased online at amazon.com. We will have to assess a key pick up and drop off fee of $5 for each, if that is your preference.

Is your company licensed, bonded and insured?

Zoe's Petsitting @ The Beach is licensed by the City of Orange Beach (license #2016-8516). We are also fully insured and bonded through the Business Insurer's of the Carolinas. We can show proof of licensing, insurance and bonding upon request.

What kind of formal pet care training do you have?

Our owner has a Professional Pet Sitter certification through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitting. Related to care of domestic animals, Michele is also a certified wildlife rehabilitator through the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

On May 14, 2016, Michele will also complete the PetSaver Program which includes training in animal CPR and First Aid (www.CoastalPetFirstAid.com).